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Architectural Soundproofing & Noise Control

The architecture of interior and commercial spaces where a fair amount of people can gather for an activity are typically constructed with materials that often reflect sound waves and create noise pollution. At this point it may become difficult to distinguish the words in a conversation or concentrate on an important task. Our architectural soundproofing solutions can help reduce undesirable noise and achieve a more pleasant ambient environment.

Architectural Noise Control is designed to acoustically treat and soundproof interior walls and ceiling spaces. The architectural sound control can be subjective. Speech intelligibility and lack of productivity in architectural settings is much more ephemeral and much more difficult to pinpoint. This doesn’t mean that it’s less important.

Places where people gather (schools, churches, performance spaces, offices, athletic events, etc.) all benefit from better sound quality. Often, it’s not necessarily about lowering noise levels as much as possible. Generally, it’s about controlling reverberation. Reducing the RT60 (reverberation time) to acceptable levels so that speech intelligibility doesn’t suffer, and people can understand each other regardless of where they are within the space, is often the goal.

Our engineered architectural soundproofing services provide noise control solutions to meet all commercial and interior soundproofing needs

Architectural Acoustical Products Include
Felt Acoustic Panels
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Benefits of Architectural Acoustics


  • Acoustical Wall Panels

  • Ceiling Tiles

  • Ceiling Baffles

  • Acoustic Banners

  • Diffusers and Noise Barriers


Hitchcock Brewing

DDS Acoustical Specialties Utilized Chroma Panels By Sound Seal To Tame The Acoustics In The Tasting Room Of The Hitchcock Brewing Facility On-Site At Kringle Candle. A Number Of Years Ago, Owner Rich Pederson Followed His Passion And Opened A Brewery.

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