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Custom Turnkey Acoustic Solutions

Industrial Noise Control solutions are most often specifically designed to fit each application. DDS Acoustical Specialties offers custom turnkey acoustic solutions that can be tailored to meet a wide variety of both interior and exterior layouts. Regardless of the materials used to construct the enclosure or assembly, each is typically designed from the start to fit each application exactly. The most important aspects of industrial acoustical enclosures are a material of sufficient STC. (Sound Transmission Coefficient), eliminating (or minimizing as much as possible) leaks or gaps where noise can escape. Finally, these assemblies have to be designed in conjunction with operations and maintenance in order to ensure that the assemblies don’t detract from productivity.
Controlling noise in an industrial setting can be relatively easy, especially with our acoustic solutions and products. If you enclose a noise source in an enclosure of sufficient STC, you will lower noise levels. The challenges come when other priorities come into play. Some of those things include access, visibility, ventilation. Additions can be heat, light and power.
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This can be defined as the ability to access the machine for maintenance, or access for ingress or egress of raw or finished materials. If an acoustical solution in any way hampers or gets in the way of personnel who need to be near the machine at times, then it is not a successful application. Whether it’s removing waste material or performing regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, simple and easy access to the machine is critical to productivity.


Acoustical glass view windows and high STC clear vinyl noise barriers are ways that visibility can be introduced into an enclosure or barrier wall. From a process point of view, visibility allows operators to monitor equipment without having to enter the enclosure, thereby eliminating the benefit received from the enclosure itself. It can also be important for maintenance regarding regularly scheduled maintenance. Most importantly, from a safety point of view, it allows monitoring of process parameters that unmonitored could cause or become a safety hazard.


All types of manufacturing equipment are powered by a few very specific types of power. Most common of course, is electricity. Second might be fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, or propane. Some systems are run pneumatically. Of course, this air pressure has to be generated somewhere.

Most of these types of fuel systems generate more than just power to run machinery. Most also generate heat. Some generate exhaust gas. These typically need to be ventilated from the enclosure system. Since any leak or gap can seriously compromise the performance of the enclosure, it’s important to devise a system of ventilating the space without allowing noise to leak as well.

While many of our smaller industrial noise and acoustic solutions are relatively simple and can be installed by maintenance crews or other in-house personnel, larger more complicated systems will need to be installed by crews with specialized skills and the ability to ensure the acoustical integrity of the enclosure. DDSAS can provide the expertise required to ensure that the enclosure performs as originally designed. With a vast working knowledge of the materials used in today’s noise control world, we can make sure that your company is getting the best “dB reduction per dollar spent” for the project.

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