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Hotel Soundproofing

One of the most commons complaints guests have about a hotel stay is noise. It can range from voices from the next rooms, sounds in the hallway, or noise from above. If a guest has a restless and noisy stay, chances are they may not come back in the future.  Fortunately, there are hotel soundproofing solutions available and DDS Acoustical Specialties can help.  

When you provide guests with a quiet and private room, you provide a superior overall experience and will help guest retention and referrals.  

Acoustics should be considered as early as possible when it comes to hotels. Preferably in the design stage. It is much more cost effective and efficient when acoustical products and designs are implemented during development vs. being retrofit down the road.  

Acoustical Products for Hotel Soundproofing 

For hotels with noise issues we recommend acoustical noise barrier and floor underlayment, HVAC isolation mounts, and acoustical door bottoms. These products have a high Sound Transmission Class (STC).  

Acoustic floor underlayment is applied beneath the finished flooring and absorbs footfall noise that would typically be transmitted below.  

Acoustic noise barrier for walls is typically installed on wood or metal framing and beneath sheetrock and significantly reduces sound transmission of adjacent rooms.   

HVAC isolation mounts are used to isolate ductwork from any rigid materials. By isolating the HVAC you are reducing the amount of vibrational noise it will create as air travels through it.  

Acoustical door bottoms close the airgap from the bottom of the door to the floor. By removing this airgap you are reducing the transmission of noise between the room and the hallway.  

Acoustics in “Luxury” Hotels 

In many cities across the country, in order to consider a hotel “luxury” they need to meet noise specifications. Usually this means a higher STC rating for rooms which can be accomplished with proper acoustic products and application.  

Sound Surveys for Hotels 

Not sure if your establishment needs improved acoustics? DDS Acoustical Specialties can provide sound surveys to measure the noise between hotel rooms and other areas at various levels. Based on the results of the survey we will be able to provide a solution that will help reach desired noise levels.

Hotel Soundproofing

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