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DDS Acoustical Specialties has over 45 years of experience in high quality customer service, and designing, managing, and installing, acoustical products.  From noisy restaurants to booming manufacturing to loud neighborhood constructions sites and everything in between, rest assured that we have a solution to your noise problems. Our acoustical services are second to none.
Soundproofing Installations Office

Acoustic Soundproofing Installations

DDS Acoustical Specialties offers acoustic soundproofing installations in the New England, New York, New Jersey, and east Pennsylvania areas for our available range of products.

Noise survey Meter

Acoustic Noise Surveys

These surveys provide useful information and help to identify areas where soundproofing is most beneficial.

Foam Stack

Custom Turnkey Acoustic Solutions

Industrial Noise Control solutions are most often specifically designed to fit each application. Regardless of the materials used to construct the enclosure or assembly, each is typically designed from the start to fit each application exactly.

Massachusetts Soundproofing

Massachusetts Soundproofing & Noise Control

DDS Acoustical Specialties provides Massachusetts soundproofing & noise control services to people and businesses. Massachusetts is our home, where we were born and raised. We understand the needs our community and businesses have. Businesses in the industrial, manufacturing, hospitality, engineering, and architectural sectors have a need for acoustics. Acoustic Service from Boston to Pittsfield Whether […]


Our Work Process

Acoustics impact us daily, whether it is at home, in a restaurant, at work, or on a job site. We understand the need for proper acoustics in a variety of situation. Whether your noise problem is to address an annoyance or safety, here is how we find a solution.


We take time to visit your space or site and discuss your problem. We’ll take sound measurements to capture a strong understanding of the situation.


We’ll let you know what products we recommend for your unique job. We’ll let you know the best locations for installation and give you options to fit your needs.


We work with our manufacturers to create the products being used to solve your noise problems. We’ll have open and responsive communication about the timeline.


We’ll provide specific installation suggestions for your products whether you want to install them yourself or have us do it for you.

Our Clients

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Rest assured that we have not only a solution, but the right solution, to resolve your acoustical or noise concerns. Request a quote with the button below or contact us for more information about our soundproofing services at 413-248-8118.

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