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Multi-family Soundproofing

Nearly every person who has rented an apartment has a story about how their next door or upstairs neighbor makes too much noise. Excessive noise transferring into a person’s space can make for an unhappy tenant. Fortunately, there are multi-family soundproofing solutions available and DDS Acoustical Specialties can help.  

Acoustics should be considered as early as possible when it comes to multi-family residential apartments. It is much more cost effective and efficient when acoustical products and designs are implemented during development vs. being retrofit down the road.  

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), multi-family developments are recommended to have walls at Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) 50. This can be achieved with proper application and design of walls with acoustical barrier products.   

Acoustical Products for Multi-family Soundproofing 

For Multi-family developments we recommend acoustical barrier and floor underlayment. These products have a high STC. Acoustic floor underlayment is applied beneath the finish flooring to reduce footfall noise that would typically be transmitted below.

Acoustic barrier for walls is typically installed on wood or metal framing and beneath sheetrock to significantly reduce sound transmission between adjacent rooms.   

Community Rooms 

Many multi-family development’s today are incorporating community spaces where residents can gather, hold events, and meet. At times, they become bustling places for activities and fun. But without proper acoustics these spaces can be extremely reverberant. This results in speech intelligibility and causes spaces to become uncomfortable to meet in.  

DDS Acoustical Specialties provides solutions to absorb sound, reduce echo, and create comfortable spaces. We achieve this will acoustical products such as wall and ceiling panels, clouds, and baffles. These products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any aesthetic. 

Multi-family Soundproofing

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