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Factory Soundproofing

Factories are places that typically have a lot of moving pieces. People, machines, HVAC systems – all these pieces can make a considerable amount of noise. And in some cases be detrimental to health, safety, and productivity. According to OSHA, an employees should not spend more than eight hours a day exposed to noise levels over 85 decibels. Fortunately, DDS Acoustical Specialties provides custom factory soundproofing solutions to reduce noise and keep employees safe, healthy, and productive.  

Elevated noise levels not only make it harder to hear warning signals but negatively effects productivity and absenteeism. In addition, prolonged exposure to noise in the workplace is often linked to industrial accidents. Workplace violence along with other anti-social behavior can result from too much noise.

Acoustic Products for Factories 

When posed with the request to reduce noise in a factory or industrial setting, we first locate the noise sources. Does the noise come from a single machine or is it a combination of many small sounds in the industrial process. Such as forklifts, human voices, fans and general machinery noise? For combined ambient noise, sound absorbers installed on the ceiling or walls of the factory reduce reverberant energy and lower overall noise levels.  

We recommend for stationary noise sources, installing an acoustical enclosure around a machine. We can create custom full or partial acoustic enclosures that meet the your workflow and machine accessibility requirements. Our enclosures are constructed from metal sound panels, flexible curtains, or a combination of the two. They can be designed with viewing windows, doorways and access points as needed.  

DDS Acoustical Specialties works closely with you and your team to understand the specific challenges in your workplace. We design a noise control solution that works in your environment. We take careful consideration of the day to day use of machines, how they are operated, and ventilation needed. Having a better understanding helps us design custom solutions that benefit the entire business.  

Exterior Factory Soundproofing 

Noise mitigation for factories often times does not simply stop at the interior walls. Whether it be ventilation systems, generators, or other machines, the sounds they make can break out and impact neighbors. It can also be important to build acoustic walls or use HVAC silencers in and around exterior noise sources. This helps stay within local and state noise ordinances and reduce noise complaints.  

Metal Soundproofing Enclosure
Industrial Testing
Acoustic Curtain Enclosure for Industrial Noise Control at Aegis

Benefits of Factory Soundproofing

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase health and safety

  • Reduce external environment noise to adhere with local and state ordinances

  • Great long-term investment

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