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HVAC Acoustic Silencers

DDS Acoustical Specialties offers HVAC Acoustic Silencers designed for a variety of applications best suited for architectural, industrial, and manufacturing environments.

Silencers provide effective, predictable sound and noise reduction for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They do their job by utilizing acoustical baffles as means for broadband sound attenuation in HVAC systems. All of our duct silencers are passive in design. They do not require mechanical or electrical means to function.

The design of our acoustic silencers are custom to fit various applications for any work environment. Laboratory developed and tested, our products achieve results. Combined with other acoustic products, silencers are one part of creating a safe, sound space.

HVAC acoustic silencers help keep neighbors and municipalities happy by reducing the external noise created by ventilation systems.

Our silencers meet stringent design requirements from acoustical consultants, consulting engineers, owners and contractors. Our duct silencers provide the most economical choice for solving a wide diversity of noise control problems.

Library Silencer
Library Silencer

Product Features

  • Acoustic baffles allow for maximum attenuation at low frequencies

  • Straight through air passages for maximum air handling

  • Solid, round noses that increase noise reduction

  • Bell mouth entrance & exit to minimize turbulence, pressure drop & self-noise

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