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Acoustic Doors

Sound control is an important element in some buildings or certain rooms within a building. To meet your needs and sound transmission specifications our architectural and industrial rated soundproof and acoustic doors are offered in a wide range.

Our doors are designed to work with standard building hardware, factory installed if desired.

All of our doors are manufactured by noise control door specialists in the United States. Our fixed frame or split-frame system allows for an easy installation for a wide array of site requirements. Our acoustical doors are in service everywhere from some of the most sophisticated performing arts centers to the most demanding industrial applications, and everywhere in between.

What makes a door “acoustic”

When we talk about what makes something “acoustic” we generally mean that a product has a high Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). In the case of doors we refer to STC.

An Acoustic Door has More Mass

A rule of thumb in acoustics is that more mass equals a higher STC. When we call a door “acoustic” it means that it has a high STC rating (because it has more mass). Acoustic doors are made of materials including steel, timber, aluminum, or PVC. Depending on the desired material STC ratings can be improved through the use of insulation foam and the combination of dense cores.

An Acoustic Door has no air gaps

Air gaps are one of the most overlooked culprits of sound transmission. With just a small air gap in a barrier such as a door, the STC of that barrier drops dramatically. Therefore, acoustic doors use seals that remove any chance of air gaps in order to keep STC high. Seals include fitting the doorframe and doorstops as well as drops which are fitted to the bottom of the door and closes automatically when a door closes.

Treatment to Create Acoustic Doors

Custom built, high STC doors can be an expensive investment. Sometimes, existing doors can be modified in order to increase their performance. At DDS Acoustical Specialties we offer and door sealing package that can help improve the STC rating of existing doors. We do this by providing additional door sealing around the frame and stops and removing any air gaps. Contact us to learn more.

Studio Door
acoustic doors

Applications for Acoustically Rated Doors Include

  • Radio/TV/Audio Recording Studios
  • Stage and Rehearsal Areas
  • Convention Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Concert Halls
  • Home Theaters
  • Conference Rooms
  • Secure Areas
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
  • Offices and Executive Suites
  • Doctors’ Offices – HIPAA Compliance
  • Psychiatrist/Psychologist Offices
  • Audiometric Exam Rooms
  • Schools


Benefits of Acoustic Doors

  • High STC Rating

  • Custom Built with Hardware

  • A variety of styles and veneers

  • Doors for any application

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