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Data Center Soundproofing

Data Centers and server rooms produce high levels of noise. Hard surfaces augment the problem by reflecting noise from cooling fans and moving disc storage systems. This excess noise reduces productivity for technicians, and increases opportunity for error. Noise created by Data Centers can also create a problem for neighbors. Thankfully, DDS Acoustical Specialties provides Data Center soundproofing and noise control solutions.

Noise Regulations

Data centers looking to gain planning permission must be designed to meet local authority standards.  The requirements of each LA will vary slightly. As a general rule, the noise level of the data center must not increase the noise level of the existing background level at the location of the nearest noise sensitive location. Generally this means that the noise from Data Centers must be 10dB the existing night time background noise at the nearest residence.

Failing to meet local authority standards can result in a negative impact to local residents quality of life as well as employees hearing. In turn, this can open companies and planners up to lawsuits. Therefore creating a headache for an industry that is expanding rapidly. Post Covid-19, the need for data storage, online traffic and digital remote working is set to rise exponentially.

Internal Data Center Soundproofing & Noise Control

Data Center designs often consider IT solutions first and acoustic solutions later. Although IT solutions such as water cooling reduce fan speed and sound levels, it will not solve an overall noise problem.

Additionally, vents, ducts, and airflow also play a factor to the overall noise levels. Duct wraps , silencers, and other absorptive material can reduce sound levels and make a significant improvement. All products we provide are also Class A Fire Rated.

Internal Acoustic Products & Solutions

In many Data Center applications aesthetics is not a concern. In these cases we often utilize an enclosure system. The enclosure can be around specific equipment, the room, or the entire building. Enclosures prevent noise from escaping to unwanted areas. Additionally, an enclosure wall can contain absorptive material. This is necessary if people are going to be working within an enclosure as it improves sound quality and reduces noise.

Other interior products include, acoustics doors, windows, and absorptive panels. Doors and windows serve as sound barriers and reduce noise transmission.

Absorptive Panels on the other hand reduce echo and reverberation in a space. They improve the sound quality and by absorbing sound, prevents it from reflecting back into the space and getting louder.

Exterior Acoustic Products & Solutions

The main external sources of noise for Data Centers are energy generators and HVAC equipment. Depending on the space, these noise sources can be significant in size.

Generators are noisy and often emit frequencies that disturb neighbors. A solution for generator noise must tackle a broad range of frequencies. Vibration Isolation Products and resilient pads reduces any structure-borne noise. Then, construction of a noise barrier or enclosure around the noise source provides addition reduction. We use both curtain panel and metal panel walls for our noise barriers.

HVAC equipment noise comes from both the fans as machines but also flows through the ducts. Enclosures and walls built around units is sometimes a problem due to airflow needs. Thankfully, proper ventilation is available with the design of an enclosure. Additionally, noise from HVAC is reduced through use of acoustic louvers and silencers.

Data Center Soundproofing

A Typical Data Center

Benefits of Data Center Soundproofing & Noise Control

  • Adhere to local authority noise standards

  • Maintain positive relationships with neighbors

  • Protect health and hearing of employees

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