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Bar and Restaurant Soundproofing

Bars and restaurants are social spots where people come together to enjoy company or live music. However, in many cases patrons have to raise their voices to be heard over the noise of the crowd or the band. Studies have shown that the second most common complaint by restaurant goers is noise. Thankfully, there is a solution and DDS Acoustical Specialties can provide bar and restaurant soundproofing to help give you and your patrons a positive acoustic experience.  

Sound Surveys for Bars and Restaurants 

Wondering just how loud your business is at a particular time? DDS Acoustical Specialties can provide on-site noise surveys to provide a baseline measurement of noise levels at your establishment. After we determine how loud it really is, we can work with you to come up with solutions and products to reduce noise.  

Why Soundproof a Bar or Restaurant? 

When you soundproof your bar or restaurant you are creating a more inviting and pleasurable experience for your patrons. It gets them to stay longer, which simply put, is good for business. Soundproofing combats the issue of echo and makes for a better environment for conversation and live music.  

  1. Keep Customers Longer with a positive acoustic experience 

When background noise becomes overwhelming, it can be nearly impossible to carry on a conversation with someone sitting next to you or across from you. Don’t let customers become frustrated with noise, but rather enhance your environment with soundproofing so that they stay longer and buy more.  

  1. Improve Performances 

Whether it is live music or a standup comedian, a loud, echoey environment is going to hurt the sound quality. Having to turn up the volume to overpower background noise can be uncomfortably loud. Therefore appropriate soundproofing can be utilized to enhance the experience for both audiences and performers.  

Did you know? 

A 2018 study of over 3,000 bars and restaurants in New York City found that a significant number of these venues are so loud that you can’t carry on a conversation and that owners often underestimate just how loud their establishments are. When it came to bars 31% were considered loud, and 60% were very loud, meaning they reached dangerous sound levels. It’s clear that bar and restaurant owners have a problem on their hands. 

Acoustical Products for Bars and Restaurants 

We use a variety of acoustic products to reduce the reverberation time in bars and restaurants. When retrofitting we typically use a combination architectural wall and ceiling panels or baffles. These products come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit the aesthetic of any space. They are designed to absorb sound and reduce echo. They are also Class A fire rated and easy to clean and maintain.  

If you HVAC system loud and annoying? To help significantly reduce the noise from duct casings we provide pipe and duct wrap that can be applied to rectangular or round pipe systems. We also can create custom HVAC silencers that utilize baffles as means of broadband sound attenuation.   

For those concerned about the noise escaping into the streets or to a neighbor we also have several acoustic barrier products and solutions.  

Benefits of Bar and Restaurant Soundproofing

  • Reduce echo and reverberation making music and conversation more enjoyable

  • Happy patrons who stay longer and spend more

  • Acoustical products double as aesthetically pleasing branding and art

  • Keep noise inside your establishment preventing angry neighbors

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