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DDS Acoustical Specialties offers metal soundproofing enclosures designed for a variety of applications best suited for industrial and manufacturing environments. Our enclosures are designed to house a noise source or to prevent noise from entering an enclosed area, such as enclosing machinery to prevent excessive noise emission or offering a quiet office and room for individuals to occupy. Applications include:

  • Machinery enclosures
  • Test cells
  • Printing plant quiet rooms
  • Quality control test areas
  • Thermal spray rooms
  • Coordinate measuring machine rooms
  • Factory offices
  • Quiet rooms – single or double wall
  • HVAC plenums

Our metal soundproofing enclosures are custom designed to fit various applications specific to your work environment. Along with our custom designs, our enclosures consider easy access and ventilation to prevent machine malfunctions and create a comfortable environment for individuals utilizing an enclosed office space.

Access features include:

  • Removable panels
  • Maintenance doors
  • Double doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Pneumatic doors
  • Telescoping panels
  • Acoustical double-glazed windows
  • Speed-erect connectors that allow individual panels to be removed in seconds for quick service access.

Ventilation features include:

  • Passive or forced silenced ventilation
  • Silencers, acoustic hoods, acoustic louvers
  • Engineered air exchanges for heat loss
  • High sound-absorption rates (NRC)
  • High sound-blocking rates (STC)
  • Acoustical doors

With our custom design services and turnkey noise control solutions, the advantage of metal enclosures over acoustic curtain composite enclosures are that metal enclosures can be designed to be modular in order to create individual housing units for machinery or to separate office spaces and rooms for individuals. These modular units can help to create a more organized work environment and to maximize real estate while offering optimal noise control solutions in the workplace.

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