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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Many of us are familiar with ceiling tiles and acoustic ceiling tiles. Often times we refer to these ceilings as drop-ceilings. Constructed using a grid system, acoustic ceiling tiles are a cost effective and easy to install.

Made with 1″ or 2″ thick fiberglass, our ceiling tiles have NRC ratings as high as 1.15. They are also available with a sound barrier backing that achieves STC ratings of 26. Ceiling tiles are available in standard sizes to fit a 2′ x 2′ or 2′ x 4′ lay in ceiling tile grid.

If you are having problems with noise coming through your ceiling from adjacent spaces and are not looking to replace your existing ceiling tiles completely, be sure to check out our Ceiling Tile Covers.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles for Any Aesthetic

Our ceiling tiles not only perform acoustically, they provide great visuals as well. Whether, you are looking for a standard white pebble finish, adding a splash of color, or blacking out the ceiling, we have your options.

Ours vs. Theirs

All ceiling tiles installed in grid systems have acoustic properties. Some are better than others. The typical and most economical ceiling tiles often times provide some absorption but not enough. And nearly all of the typical tiles provide little to no sound transmission loss.

That’s where our ceiling tiles come in. Boasting superior sound absorption and transmission loss properties, our products are the best solution when developing a new ceiling system or replacing old tiles.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Options

Standard Ceiling Tiles

Our standard ceiling tiles provides a 2 mil white pebble vinyl facing. Great for classrooms, offices, and other public spaces.

Fabric/Cloth Ceiling Tiles

Our premier ceiling tiles can come in a white nubby cloth facing or use custom fabric. Custom fabric is provided by Guilford of Maine and can come in a variety of colors. Great for environments that want a softer look in their ceiling.

Paintable Ceiling Tiles

Paintable ceiling tiles can be painted to any custom color. Great for applications looking to color match existing walls or adding a variety of colors in a ceiling system.

Blackout Ceiling Tiles

Blackout ceiling tiles have a simple matte black facing. Great for bars, restaurants, or environments looking for an industrial or dark look.

Benefits of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

  • Improved sound quality

  • Improved noise transmission loss with barrier backing

  • Easy installation into existing grid systems

  • Various finishes and aesthetics for any design


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and Ceiling Tile Covers?

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are installed directly into a grid system and would replace any existing ceiling tiles. They can offer high NRC ratings with a sound barrier option for addition STC.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Covers are designed to be installed above an existing ceiling tile system. Typically used when the existing ceiling tiles are not providing ample sound absorption and/or transmission loss.

When should I replace my ceiling tiles?

You should replace your ceiling tiles if you are noticing unwanted echo and noise in your space. Alternatively you can enhance you existing tiles with Acoustic Ceiling Tile Covers.

Will your ceiling tiles work with my grid system?

Yes. Our ceiling tiles can be custom cut to work with any style grid system.

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