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Noise Barrier Composite Panels

Noise Barrier Composite Panels are… We provide two types of Noise Barrier Composite Panels, a Barrier Backed Composite (BBC) and a Barrier Septum Composite (BSC).

Barrier Backed Composite

The BBC model Barrier Backed Composite features a reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier with a quilted fiberglass absorber on one side. The rugged durable exterior barrier is commonly used as a wrap or acoustical jacket due to its ability to form to any shape. The quilted fiberglass layer decouples the noise barrier to enhance its acoustical performance.

Barrier Septum Composite

The BSC model Barrier Septum Composite features a non-reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier septum (middle) with a quilted fiberglass sound absorber on both sides. Ideally suited as an acoustical liner, the inner layer of quilted fiberglass decouples the barrier from the surface to improve its noise blocking ability while the outer layer adds sound absorption to the treated environment.

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