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Established in 2019, DDS Acoustical Specialties brings more than 45 years of combined experience in soundproofing services, with designing, managing, and installing acoustical products nationwide. We strive to solve noise problems across any business sector and industry. When you team with us you will receive engineered, turnkey solutions, customized for your specific area or issue. We work with you from the initial interview, site visits, planning stages and throughout the manufacturing and installation process.

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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Noise Control Issues?

Rest assured that we have not only a solution, but the right solution, to resolve your acoustical or noise concerns. We are confident we can achieve that success by utilizing 45 years of soundproofing services, with combined experience in designing, managing, and installing acoustical products nationwide.

  • Loud, Unsafe Factory Noise?

    Don't gamble with the health of your employees. Our expertise and custom solutions combat machine noise to deliver hearing protection and safe workplace environments.

  • Noisy Bar or Restaurant?

    An inviting ambience is critical to the success of your restaurant. We've partnered with restaurant and bar owners to create pleasant environments for customers.

  • Need Additional Privacy In Your Offices?

    Your offices, conference rooms, and meeting spaces may be experiencing sound bleed and a lack of privacy. We can help you discover solutions to wall soundproofing and the mitigating steps you can take to better control the noise between adjoining rooms.

  • New Construction or Retrofit?

    When a project is completed, or a new enterprise moves into a new space, oftentimes it’s only after the fact that the acoustics of the space are found to be a distraction, or a downright detriment to the operation as a whole.

Our Services

DDS Acoustical Specialties has over 45 years of experience in soundproofing services with high quality customer service, and designing, managing, and installing acoustical products. From noisy restaurants to booming manufacturing to loud neighborhood constructions sites and everything in between, rest assured that we have a solution to your noise problems. Our acoustical services are second to none.

Soundproofing Installations Office

Acoustic Soundproofing Installations

DDS Acoustical Specialties offers acoustic soundproofing installations in the New England, New York, New Jersey, and east Pennsylvania areas for our available range of products.

Noise survey Meter

Acoustic Noise Surveys

These surveys provide useful information and help to identify areas where soundproofing is most beneficial.

Foam Stack

Custom Turnkey Acoustic Solutions

Industrial Noise Control solutions are most often specifically designed to fit each application. Regardless of the materials used to construct the enclosure or assembly, each is typically designed from the start to fit each application exactly.

DDS Education

Before You Get Started You Should Read

If you or your company is looking for acoustic solutions, we work to provide background education and information to help you make decisions about the products we offer. But that is entirely up to you. Our acoustic experts always have your best interest in mind and will recommend the best products and solutions for your job. More educational information is coming soon.

Featured Products

Noise problems can be solved by using a variety of acoustical products. All of the products we use are top of the line, tested, and can be custom made for any type of application.

Featured Projects

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at some of the projects and testimonials from our happy customers.

Our Clients

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Rest assured that we have not only a solution, but the right solution, to resolve your acoustical or noise concerns. Request a quote with the button below or contact us for more information about our soundproofing services at 413-248-8118.

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