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Sound Masking Services

If you’re in search of innovative ways to enhance the auditory atmosphere, privacy, and efficiency of your workspace, sound masking may be a solution for you. Our Sound Masking Services are designed to harmonize your office environment while prioritizing tranquility and effectiveness. We primarily provide service to customers in New England and the Northeast States; however, contact us to inquire about your application.

You may have also heard sound masking referred to as white, pink, or brown noise. These different colored noises help cover distracting sounds and create a quality environment. Our sound masking services and systems use a scientifically formulated Green Sound™ which blends all these sounds to create the best audio aesthetic available. This article from Lencore Acoustics goes more in depth into Green Sound™.

Our sound masking systems can also incorporate paging and music capabilities.

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is an ingenious acoustic technique that involves introducing precisely calibrated ambient sounds into a space. This practice mitigates or covers unwanted noises, such as conversations and equipment hum. By integrating subtle, unobtrusive background sounds, sound masking facilitates a balanced auditory environment that fosters focus, privacy, and tranquility.

We often talk about sound masking and sound treatment together. Masking is most effective when you’ve already acoustically treated a space to a desired reverberation time, either with acoustic ceiling tiles, wall or ceiling panels, or other acoustic absorbers.

The Advantages of Sound Masking in Your Workspace

Secured Privacy: Confidential conversations and sensitive exchanges are integral components of any business setting. Sound masking guarantees the confidentiality of these discussions by rendering them unintelligible to unintended listeners.

Enhanced Productivity: The pernicious impact of intrusive noises on productivity is undeniable. Our sound masking service fosters an environment conducive to concentration and task completion, leading to optimal performance.

Enhanced Speech Privacy: In bustling open-plan offices, overlapping conversations can be disruptive. Sound masking enhances speech privacy by diminishing the range over which conversations can be deciphered.

Stress Reduction: Escalated noise levels contribute to heightened stress and tension among employees. Our sound masking solution cultivates a serene atmosphere, promoting a more content and relaxed workforce.

Tailored Solutions: We appreciate the uniqueness of each workspace. Our sound masking systems are fully customizable, permitting you to adjust volume and frequencies according to your specific demands.

Where is Sound Masking Used?

Most commonly used in open office spaces where acoustic material treatment is only part of the solution. Systems can be introduced into a variety of environments.

Office Spaces: Open-plan offices often experience a high level of noise due to conversations, ringing phones, and office equipment. Sound masking is frequently used to create a more comfortable and productive environment by reducing distractions and improving speech privacy.

Call Centers: Call centers require a quiet and focused atmosphere for employees to communicate effectively with customers. Sound masking helps reduce the audibility of neighboring conversations, enabling agents to engage with clients without being disturbed by background noise.

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices aim to maintain patient privacy while ensuring efficient communication among staff. Sound masking ensures that confidential patient discussions remain private, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Educational Institutions: Schools and universities often have large classrooms and lecture halls where noise can be a challenge. Sound masking helps create optimal learning environments by reducing distractions and ensuring that students can hear the instructor clearly.

Financial Institutions: Banks and financial institutions handle sensitive information during client interactions. Sound masking safeguards the privacy of these conversations, preventing unintended eavesdropping and maintaining client trust.

Government Buildings: Government offices deal with classified information and sensitive discussions. Sound masking is crucial in these settings to prevent information leakage and maintain confidentiality.

Hotels: Hotels strive to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for guests. Sound masking can help reduce hallway noise, HVAC sounds, and other disturbances, ensuring a more restful stay for patrons.

Libraries: Libraries are spaces designed for quiet study and reading. By preventing background noises from disturbing customers’ concentration, sound masking helps to maintain a calm environment.

Retail Environments: High-end retail stores often use sound masking to create a sophisticated ambiance and prevent noise from adjacent areas from affecting the shopping experience.

Law Firms: Legal offices deal with sensitive client matters and legal discussions. Sound masking ensures that confidential conversations between attorneys and clients remain private.

Manufacturing Facilities: In industrial settings, sound masking can be used to mitigate the noise produced by machinery and equipment, creating a more comfortable work environment for employees.

Conference Rooms: During important meetings and presentations, maintaining confidentiality and minimizing distractions are essential. Sound masking helps create a conducive environment for effective communication.

Airports and Transportation Hubs: These bustling environments can be overwhelming due to constant announcements and passenger conversations. Sound masking can help mitigate the overall noise level and improve the passenger experience.

Entertainment Venues: In venues like theaters and auditoriums, sound masking can be employed to reduce background noise, creating a more immersive experience for audiences.

Our Process

  1. Consultation: Our journey commences with a comprehensive understanding of your needs and challenges. This phase involves assessing your space, gathering insights, and formulating a customized sound masking strategy.
  2. Design: Specialists craft a robust sound masking system considering office layout, activities, and acoustic aspirations.
  3. Installation: Our skilled technicians install the sound masking system seamlessly, maintaining an unobtrusive approach.
  4. Calibration: Post-installation, meticulous calibration is undertaken to guarantee uniform distribution of ambient sound for effective noise masking.
  5. Testing: Rigorous testing validates system performance, encompassing speech intelligibility, privacy levels, and overall comfort.
  6. Sustained Assistance: Our commitment extends post-installation, offering continuous support, upkeep, and adjustments to ensure your sound masking system perpetually meets expectations.

Elevate Your Workspace with DDS Acoustical Specialties

DDS Acoustical Specialties underscores the importance of acoustics in creating productive and harmonious workspaces. Our Sound Masking Service addresses modern acoustic challenges, fostering privacy, productivity, and employee well-being.

Are you ready to reimagine your workspace? Reach out for a consultation and discover how sound masking can revolutionize your office acoustics, propelling your business towards success.

Sound Masking and Sound Absorption


Frequently Asked Questions

Does sound masking really work?

Sound masking works very well and is based on the simple premise that louder sounds cover (mask) quieter sounds. The way in which this is achieved and its level of effectiveness can vary greatly depending on the selected solution

Is sound masking noticeable?

Properly designed and calibrated sound masking systems are designed to be subtle and unobtrusive. The goal is to create a comfortable auditory environment without drawing attention to the masking sound itself.

Can sound masking be customized to different spaces?

Yes, sound masking systems can be customized to fit the specific acoustics and layout of different spaces. We can adjust the volume and frequency of the masking sound to achieve optimal results.

Does sound masking eliminate all noise?

Sound masking doesn’t eliminate noise entirely; instead, it reduces the perception of unwanted noises by making them less distinguishable. It’s particularly effective for reducing the intelligibility of conversations and background noise.

Is sound masking the same as white noise?

While both sound masking and white noise involve introducing background sounds, they are not the same. Sound masking is designed to match the frequency spectrum of human speech and is often more effective at reducing distractions.

Can sound masking help with privacy in open offices?

Yes, sound masking is highly effective in open-plan offices where conversations and noise can carry. It reduces the audibility of conversations, making it harder for others to overhear private discussions. It is most effective when the open office is already acoustically treated for a desired reverberation.

Is sound masking energy-efficient?

Yes, modern sound masking systems are designed to be energy-efficient. They typically use low-power components and can be integrated with building automation systems for efficient operation.

Can sound masking systems be retrofitted into existing spaces?

Yes, sound masking systems can be retrofitted into existing spaces. Professionals can assess the acoustic characteristics of the space and design a system that suits the environment.

Does sound masking require maintenance?

Yes, sound masking systems require occasional maintenance to ensure they continue to function optimally. Regular checks, adjustments, and updates may be necessary to maintain consistent performance.

Does sound masking interfere with other audio systems?

Sound masking systems are designed to coexist with other audio systems, such as paging and background music. We can coordinate the integration of these systems to ensure compatibility.

Can sound masking help improve employee productivity?

Yes, sound masking can contribute to improved productivity by reducing distractions and creating a more focused work environment. Employees can concentrate better when background conversations are less audible.

Is sound masking suitable for residential applications?

While sound masking is more commonly used in commercial settings, it can also be applied in certain residential scenarios where privacy and noise reduction are desired, such as home offices or multi-unit buildings.

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