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Acoustic Noise Surveys

DDS Acoustical Specialties can perform acoustic noise surveys in locations around New England, New York, New Jersey, and east Pennsylvania to aid in determining appropriate materials needed to reduce noise in a specific space. These surveys provide useful information and help to identify areas where soundproofing is most beneficial, including:

  • Areas where individuals are exposed to high levels of noise
  • Machines and equipment that generate high levels of noise
  • Variability of noise during certain operating conditions
  • Points of interest best suited for soundproofing solutions

In addition to identifying these areas, we can take measurements to help you determine if you are in compliance with local, municipal, and state ordinances, as well as meeting OSHA and NIOSH standards.

After assessing the acoustic conditions and sound levels in a work environment, we determine which products and solutions are best suited to control and reduce noise. We factor in the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) rating of our products, which is a single-number index for rating the absorption capability of a particular material, as well as the sound transmission class (STC), which is a single-number rating of a material’s or assembly’s barrier effect. More information can be found on our Acoustics 101 page.

There are variables of a particular space that we consider in our acoustic noise surveys in which we consider and determine the best noise control solutions. Optimum reverberation levels can vary for different environments and purposes. A reverberation time that is best suited for a music program could be disastrous to the clarity of the spoken word. Conversely, a reverberation time that is excellent for speech can cause music to sound dry and flat.

With our extensive experience in acoustic engineering and soundproofing, our team of expert engineers and technicians will provide you with the best solution to control the level of noise in your work environment.

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