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Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barriers are based on a PVC compound utilizing a number of different heavy inert materials added that make the material very dense. A standard 1 lb./ sq. ft. non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl will have roughly the same STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating as a 5/8” layer of drywall. Available in half-pound, one pound and two pound per square foot versions.

The STC ratings are:

½ lb. = 20
1 lb. = 26
2 lb. = 32

Mass loaded vinyl material can be used independently as a stand-alone noise barrier, or it can be combined with a quilted fiberglass absorber to create an absorber/ barrier composite. Reinforced loaded vinyl can be cut and stitched into fabrications that are self-supporting.

Also available is a clear or see through version utilized for windows in acoustical enclosures, and also as strip curtains.

Installing non-reinforced loaded vinyl to the studs prior to installing drywall can add up to 10 dB to the STC of the assembly.

Mass loaded vinyl noise barrier is available in 54” wide x 30’ or 60’ rolls.

Sound Barrier Thickness
Sound Barrier on Skid
Sound Barrier Rolls, Mass Loaded Vinyl

Non-reinforced sound barrierNon-Reinforced Sound Barrier

Flexible, non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl noise barrier is designed to reduce the transmission of noise through walls and ceilings. It is typically used in gypsum wall board and stud construction. Non-reinforced barrier is affordable, effective, and easy to install. Standard barrier comes 1lb/sq. ft. however, for greater sound transmission loss is also available as 2lb/sq. ft.

Applications Include:

  • Construction
  • Multi-family Housing
  • Various Soundproofing Needs

Reinforced Sound BarrierReinforced Sound Barrier

A flexible, reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier that offers maximum tear strength and durability. Can be grommeted and stitched to be made into panels of custom sizes. Reinforced sound barrier is often used in conjunction with quilted fiberglass absorbers to form composite panels and curtain enclosures. Available in 1lb or 2lb per sq. ft and suitable for outdoor use.

Applications Include:

  • Industrial/Manufacturing Curtain Enclosures
  • Panels for fencing around loud outdoor sports or construction
  • Various Soundproofing Needs

Clear Sound BarrierClear Sound Barrier

Industrial clear vinyl sound barrier is transparent while offering significant noise reduction. Typically used as windows and entrances to acoustic curtain enclosure systems.

Applications Include:

  • Windows for viewing in enclosure systems
  • Can be installed over existing glass windows where additional STC is needed as an alternative to purchasing an acoustic window.



Install Sound Barrier – DIY

Check out our complete DIY Guide for how to install barrier on walls and ceilings >>

Features of Sound Barriers

  • STC Rating up to 32

  • Reinforced and clear barrier suitable for outdoor use

  • Custom Fabricated

  • Class A Fire Tested


Frequently Asked Questions

Can all sound barrier be used outdoors?

No, we do not recommend the use of non-reinforced sound barrier outdoors. This is because non-reinforced barrier is less tear resistant compared to reinforced barrier and could therefore break away due to heavy winds. It is also not UV resistant so it would deteriorate over time.

This is why non-reinforced barrier is a more cost effective way to reduce noise in buildings vs reinforced barrier.

Can barrier be installed over existing walls?

Yes, for interior applications, non-reinforced barrier can be installed over existing walls. Because the barrier is black it is not the most attractive finish, so you may want to install an additional finish such as gypsum over it. The additional layer will also further improve the STC rating of the partition.

Can barrier be painted?

Barrier can be painted but with some caveats. Because the sound barriers are flexible, you may run into issue with the paint holding and chipping when it dries. You also need to use a paint suitable for vinyl so that the plasticizer in the barrier does not push through.

How do I know how much barrier I need?

We are more than happy to provide you the best solution to your noise problem. If you have an area you are looking to cover with barrier or a noise source you need to enclosure, contact us and we’ll engineer a system that works for you.

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