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Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barriers are based on a PVC compound utilizing a number of different heavy inert materials added that make the material very dense. A standard 1 lb./ sq. ft. non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl will have roughly the same STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating as a 5/8” layer of drywall. Available in half-pond, one pound and two pound per square foot versions. The STC ratings are:

½ lb. = 20
1 lb. = 26
2 lb. = 32

Mass loaded vinyl material can be used independently as a stand-alone noise barrier, or it can be combined with a quilted fiberglass absorber to create an absorber/ barrier composite. Reinforced loaded vinyl can be cut and stitched into fabrications that are self-supporting.

Also available is a clear or see through version utilized for windows in acoustical enclosures, and also as strip curtains.

Installing non-reinforced loaded vinyl to the studs prior to installing drywall can add up to 10 dB to the STC of the assembly.

Mass loaded vinyl noise barrier is available in 54” wide x 30’ or 60’ rolls.

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