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Acoustic Enclosures

An acoustic enclosure is essentially a box designed to trap and mitigate noise produced by a noise source. They are often used to protect employees from hazardous noise in industrial/manufacturing facilities or reduce environment noise. Solving your noise issue with acoustic enclosures of sufficient STC, around the offending noise source sounds relatively easy, but there are many factors to consider.

The challenges often come from not the noise itself, but the requirements enclosures need to meet. From very small, simple acoustic enclosures to large custom engineered systems, issues that may need to be addressed when designing the enclosure are:

  • Access (maintenance, safety, machine operation)
  • Visibility (machine progress, gauges, etc.)
  • Ventilation (electric motors generate heat)
  • Material ingress and egress

Depending on the product, enclosures can be floor, ceiling, or wall mounted. They can even be suspended from a roof deck.  Economical enclosure systems utilize acoustic curtain panels made of reinforced mass loaded vinyl barriers and quilted fiberglass absorbers. In order to achieve the greatest STC, certain applications may require the use of metal wall enclosures. And in some cases, enclosures may be engineered using a combination of products.

Engineering and Designing Acoustic Enclosures

DDS Acoustical Specialties knows how to solve any noise issue. We approach noise problems from all angles and design and provide an enclosure system that meets and/or exceeds your noise requirements. We provide:

  • Pre-engineered, pre-assembled metal panel enclosures
  • In-plant custom engineered metal enclosures
  • Acoustical curtain composite enclosures

Applications Include

  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Test Cells
  • Printing Plant Quiet Rooms
  • Quality Control Test Areas
  • Thermal Spray Rooms
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine Rooms
  • Factory Offices
  • Quiet Rooms-Single or Double Wall
  • HVAC Plenums
Acoustic Curtain Enclosure for Industrial Noise Control at Aegis
Modular Enclosure
Acoustic Enclosures

Types of Enclosures

The two primary types of enclosure systems that we recommend are acoustic curtain panel enclosures and metal panel enclosures.

Acoustic Curtain Panel Enclosure

Curtain panel enclosures are custom made and can be floor, ceiling, or wall mounted in addition to be suspended. The provide endless possibilities whether you want a full, partial, or portable enclosure.

  • Double Track systems allow for easy installation of sliding entryways
  • Custom cut to allow for ventilation and air flow
  • Can incorporate clean vinyl noise barrier for viewing within enclosure

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Metal Panel Enclosures

Metal Soundproofing Enclosure

Our metal soundproofing enclosures are custom designed to fit various applications specific to your work environment. Along with our custom designs, our enclosures consider easy access and ventilation to prevent machine malfunctions and create a comfortable environment for individuals utilizing an enclosed office space.

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Product Features

  • Unlimited size, design and features

  • Multiple panel types to meet your specific requirements

  • Interior or exterior use

  • Electric posts available for outlets and switches

  • Single leaf and double leaf doors

  • Sliding doors, lifting doors, and bi-fold doors also available

  • Hinged and removable access plugs

  • Removable panels & Single glazed or double glazed windows

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