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Industrial Acoustic Solutions

DDS Acoustical Specialties is experienced in developing industrial soundproofing and noise control solutions that meet OSHA and NIOSH regulations for a wide range of industrial environments and manufacturing sites located in New England, New York, New Jersey, east Pennsylvania, and nationwide. Whether inside a facility and impacting the workforce or outside the facility where it affects surrounding residential areas, noise is a significant issue that companies continually need to address.

Industrial noise control is complex by nature. DDS Acoustical Specialties delivers a cost-effective, well-planned, custom soundproofing and noise control solution.

We can engineer noise control & industrial soundproofing solutions for any industry

Class 1 Public Buildings, Industrial Plants, Inplant Offices, Loud, stationary Noise Sources, Enclosable Noise Sources, Outdoor Noise Sources, Compressors, Printing Presses, Drills, Machine Enclosures, Inplant Noise, HVAC Applications, Stamping Presses, Conveyors, Pipe and Duct Jackets, OEM Applications, Dust Collection Systems, Material Handling Systems, Pumps, Commercial and Industrial Generators, Indoor and Outdoor Cyclone Operations, and more.

Acoustical Products

Our industrial noise control products include metal or curtain wall panels, ceiling baffles, enclosures, barriers, and architectural elements. All products we work with are class A fire-rated, which helps protect your facility and employees. Additionally, products are manufactured to be hypoallergenic and easy to maintain.

We stand by our products and are confident that our application will reduce noise levels in your environment.

Reducing Noise In Industrial Environments

There are several ways to reduce or limit exposure to hazardous noise in industrial environments. The first option is to eliminate the noise source, but in many cases, the noise source is essential to business operations. The next option, and where DDS Acoustical Specialties comes in, is developing a soundproofing system that reduces the noise created by sources.

When we develop systems, we think about the basic principles of noise control: sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration damping, and vibration isolation. We achieve success through a combination of products and custom solutions. In many cases, we enclose equipment to reduce noise at the source and use sound absorbing material to prevent the spread of noise.

Based on 13 reviews
Amazing products from an amazing company! We have used them now twice at our church and just added one more room for them to do. I had high expectations when they came in initially. They did not disappoint. Everyone immediately noticed the sound quality improvement in the rooms. This product helps us, as a local church, offer a much more comfortable environment for everyone coming into our church. Thank you again everyone at DDS.
Ted Towne III
Ted Towne III
DDS did an amazing job sound proofing some difficult areas. They were great to work with and I would highly recommend them! Just to add...we had DDS come back and sound proof other areas because we were so pleased with their work. Highly recommend!
Jodi Zepke
Jodi Zepke
We are so thankful for the installation that DDS Acoustical Specialities did for a preschool classroom. The panels are making a remarkable difference in the sound in the room! The children and staff are able to concentrate more in the echo-free space. The company was excellent from start to finish! Fair estimate, quick turnaround, prompt, professional and high quality work! DDS was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend you call them to help with sound issues! They can improve your sound to make a difference!
Rachelle Kehoe
Rachelle Kehoe
From the very start DDS was a winner in my book. Dave answered the phone, came right out to assess our needs and we had a quote in no time. Their crew was informative, professional and kept their space tight and clean. And the product.... what a difference it has made in our restaurant. Even during the phases we could hear a difference from where the panels were installed and where they were not yet done. I would HIGHLY recommend them!
Holly Neylon
Holly Neylon
We recently worked with DDS Acoustical Specialties on an acoustic solution for a workstation area. We went with a combination of pinnable panels, ceiling panels, wall panels, and art panels, which have exceeded our expectations for the space.
Sarah Rahkonen
Sarah Rahkonen
My church engaged DDS Acoustical Specialties to reduce the noise level in our parish hall. The hard surfaces on the floor, walls, and ceiling made it difficult to converse when the room was full. We are very pleased with both the appearance of the sound absorbing foam panels which DDSAS installed on the ceiling and also with the reduction in the noise level. Many of our members have commented favorably on the improvement. I would recommend this company without reservation.
David Martin
David Martin
Great experience. We had a very severe sound reverberation issue in our town hall meeting room and Tyler and his team solved it quickly and affordably. Town meetings will never be filled with complaints (about the inability to hear) ever again. I highly recommend this company. And if you are ever in the Town of Sharon, Connecticut on a weekday, pop in, go to the second floor and hear for yourself
Brent Colley
Brent Colley
I had a great experience with DDS Acoustical Specialties from start to finish. I have a small physical therapy practice in Burlington, VT. and needed soundproofiing for my office. Mary was prompt and very knowledgable about how I could be helped on the phone and throughout the process. Steve made the long drive to provide and estimate for the work, and was extremely efficient, professional and pleasant to work with during the installation. They soundproofed the doors and ceiling tiles and it's made a tremendous difference.The entire process took about a month from start to finish. I now feel confident that my space is private and secure for my clients. I would highly recommend their services!
Michelle Downing
Michelle Downing
Great company to work with. Reasonable price for an acoustical solution in my 2900 sqf restaurant space. The noise has reduced considerably and people can hear each other even when the restaurant is fully booked. Highly recommended.
Antonio De Trizio
Antonio De Trizio
We had a great experience working with DDS. They checked all the boxes: great service, extremely knowledgeable, great selection at different price points; worked quickly and efficiently. Will use again in the future!
Esme Green
Esme Green
Acoustic Curtain Enclosure for Industrial Noise Control at Aegis
Metal Soundproofing Enclosure
Metal Absorption Panel
Machine Center Cadence
Pump Enclosure

Occupational Noise Control

Occupational noise, also known as industrial noise is often a term used in occupational health and safety. This noise needs to be regulated in the workplace and have corrective steps documented to protect employees in the workplace from excessive exposure. Specifically, employees who encounter continued excessive noise levels might develop hearing loss and high-stress levels along with compromised safety issues. Occupational noise is a hazard traditionally linked with loud industries such as manufacturing and construction but can be present in any workplace.

Occupational safety organizations recommend that the maximum exposure to noise is 40 hours per week at 85 to 95 decibels (dB). For every additional 3dB, the maximum exposure time is reduced by a factor of two. Sometimes, a factor of two per addition 5dB is used, however these occupational regulations are acknowledged as inadequate to protect against hearing loss and other health effects.

Outdoor Noise Control

Outdoor noise control or Industrial non-occupational environmental noise is the sound that are transmitting from your business to neighbors. Compliance is typically defined by attenuation requirements or noise impact at a critical receptor point or at the property line. Regulations usually specify a maximum outdoor noise level of 60 to 65dB.

The noise source may be construction activities, manufacturing/production operations, or upset condition alarms. Agencies governing this type of noise are typically at the local level, but this can vary by state and municipality. Typical ordinances include:

  • Allowable noise levels during daytime or nighttime hours
  • Classification of areas into residential, commercial, or industrial
  • Defined decibel levels deemed to be acceptable for each category

Methods for Industrial Noise Control

One of the most effective and logical approaches to noise attenuation and industrial soundproofing is to install systems that minimize noise from the start, using control techniques such as:

  • Damping – A method of reducing noise levels from chutes, hoppers, machine guards, conveyors, panels and more
  • Selecting efficient equipment – Selecting fans, compressors, PD blowers and engines that operate efficiently contribute significantly to noise attenuation
  • Adjusting Fan Speed – Fan noise is in direct correlation with fan speed, so simple adjustments can produce significant results
  • Controlling high-pressure steam, natural gas, and other vent noises
  • Attenuating noise from process exhausts with stack silencers
  • Acoustically treating fans, blowers, and ventilating equipment
  • Closing openings in enclosures and barrier walls required for utilities


Addressing Limitations and Customer Needs

In many cases of industrial noise control, everything is a tradeoff. Sometimes a machine needs a certain amount of airflow, viewing or access. We design systems that accommodate all of these needs while provide premier acoustical performance.


This can be defined as the ability to access the machine for maintenance, or access for ingress or egress of raw or finished materials. If an acoustical solution in any way hampers or gets in the way of personnel who need to be near the machine at times, then it is not a successful application. Whether it’s removing waste material or performing regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, simple and easy access to the machine is critical to productivity.


Acoustical glass view windows and high STC clear vinyl noise barriers are ways that visibility can be introduced into an enclosure or barrier wall. From a process point of view, visibility allows operators to monitor equipment without having to enter the enclosure, thereby eliminating the benefit received from the enclosure itself. It can also be important for maintenance regarding regularly scheduled maintenance. Most importantly, from a safety point of view, it allows monitoring of process parameters that unmonitored could cause or become a safety hazard.


All types of manufacturing equipment are powered by a few very specific types of power. Most common of course, is electricity. Second might be fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, or propane. Some systems are run pneumatically. Of course, this air pressure has to be generated somewhere.

Most of these types of fuel systems generate more than just power to run machinery. Most also generate heat. Some generate exhaust gas. These typically need to be ventilated from the enclosure system. Since any leak or gap can seriously compromise the performance of the enclosure, it’s important to devise a system of ventilating the space without allowing noise to leak as well.

While many of our smaller industrial noise and acoustic solutions are relatively simple and can be installed by maintenance crews or other in-house personnel, larger more complicated systems will need to be installed by crews with specialized skills and the ability to ensure the acoustical integrity of the enclosure. DDSAS can provide the expertise required to ensure that the enclosure performs as originally designed. With a vast working knowledge of the materials used in today’s noise control world, we can make sure that your company is getting the best “dB reduction per dollar spent” for the project.

Benefits of Industrial Noise Control

  • Unlimited Size, Design, And Features

  • Improve Quality Control

  • Improve Health and Well-being of Employees

  • Reduce Indirect and Direct Costs

Acoustic Curtain Enclosure for Industrial Noise Control at Aegis

Dalkia Aegis, EDF Group

Dalkia Aegis, EDF Group is a nationally renowned supplier of cogeneration units capable of providing heat and electricity in one extremely efficient platform. Operational advantages over traditional heat and electricity sources have led to continued growth over the past 35 years. Having outgrown their facility at 55 Jackson St. in Holyoke, MA, they turned to a historic old building immediately adjacent to their existing facility. Built in 1880, the building, while neglected, showed promise. Throughout the course of 2020, the building was reclaimed and soon showed how beautiful and functional the old mill building could become.

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