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Acoustic Wall Panels

Top 5 Acoustic Wall Panel Options for Creating a Soundscape

Whether in a residential or commercial setting, acoustic wall panels are essential for managing sound and noise in any area. They are made to lessen echoes and reverberation, increase speech clarity, and improve a room’s overall sound quality. The perfect acoustic wall panel for your room can be challenging to choose because there are so many alternatives available.  We’ll go over the top 5 acoustic wall panel alternatives in this blog post. Acoustic Foam Wall Panels One of the most widely used options for soundproofing is acoustic foam panels. They are comprised of thin, porous foam that absorbs sound waves to lessen reverberation and echo. They are simple to adapt to your environment because of their wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. They can be used on any wall or ceiling surface, and are very simple to install. Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels  If you’re seeking a more aesthetically pleasing method of soundproofing, fabric-wrapped panels are a perfect choice. They come in a range of hues and designs and have a slick, polished appearance. They include a sturdy fiberglass core that absorbs sound and a fashionable fabric covering to lend style to any space. They are ideal for business environments like workplaces, conference rooms, and hotels and are very simple to install. Wood Panels If you want a more natural and rustic aesthetic, wood panels are a fantastic option. They are constructed from laminated wood veneers on top of a strong fiberglass core. They can be made to fit the interior design of your room and are offered in a range of finishes. As many businesses employ ecofriendly materials for their wood panels, they are also a perfect choice for those looking for a more sustainable option. Metal Panels If you want a more industrial aesthetic, metal panels are ideal. They come in a variety of finishes and are composed of perforated metal. As metal is a sturdy material, they are also an excellent choice for individuals seeking a more robust solution. Additionally, they can be altered to fit the interior design of your home. PET Felt Panels Made from recycled plastic bottles, PET Felt panels are a more recent choice on the acoustic panel market. They offer a sustainable alternative for individuals seeking a green choice. They are a fantastic alternative for home or business settings because they are lightweight and simple to install. They may be made to match any decor and come in a number of colors. There are numerous solutions accessible when it comes to acoustic wall panels. There is a choice that will suit your demands, regardless of whether you choose a more aesthetic approach, a more natural look, a more minimalist approach, or an eco-friendly option.  With the right acoustic wall panel, you can improve the sound quality of your room and make a soundscape that fits your needs.

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Noise Control in a Classroom

Noise Control in a Classroom: Improve Learning and Productivity

Noise in a classroom can greatly affect the ability to focus and learn. Sources of noise can include traffic and construction from outside, as well as chatter and movement within the classroom. In order to combat these distractions, noise control and the use of sound absorption products can be implemented within the classroom. How Sound […]

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2023 Banner

A Year of Growth and Highlights, 2022 Recap

2022 started with just us, Steve and I (Dave). We knew this was a year for growth that we had been planning for. New Team Members Our team was one of the first things to expand in 2022. We knew that if we wanted to help more people solve their noise problems and improve the […]

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Sound Masking and Sound Absorption

Sound Masking and Sound Treatment

Sound Masking and Sound Treatment are two things that often get confused with each other. Sound masking is a process in which ambient environmental noise is introduced to an area, typically an office space or workspace, for the purpose of reducing speech intelligibility and acoustic distractions. This can be carried out using various embodiments such […]

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Duc-Pac Air Hammer Noise

Air Hammer Noise Reduced with Acoustic Curtain Enclosure

Machine noise is one of the most common noise sources in an industrial or manufacturing setting. Too much of it over a period of time can even be harmful to employees. Today, many companies are taking precautionary efforts to reduce the amount noise workers are experiencing in their day to day.

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Safe & Sound Week 2022

Safe & Sound Week 2022 – Acoustics in the Workplace

In recognition of Safe & Sound Week, which takes place August 15-21 each year, we are going to discuss the importance of proper acoustics and noise protection in the workplace.

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Custom Fabric Panels

Custom Fabric Panels Reduce Echo in Senior Center Dining and Lobby

A beautiful, new Senior Center in Ludlow, MA was developed and opened in 2021. The center featured state of the art technology and increased access to space and resources for aging adults. However, they noticed an issue with echo and noise in their dinning room and lobby. Looking for a solution, they turned to DDS Acoustical Specialties, where we proposed custom, fabric wrapped panels.

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Soundproofing vs Sound Absorption

Soundproofing Vs. Sound Absorption

Sound is both an art and a science. You can get hung up on all the terms and calculations but you can also understand it more simply. One major aspect of sound is that it is like water. It can mold, meld and take the form of its surroundings. Sound, much like water, can be absorbed by some materials and contained by others. This is why we offer both and make the distinction between soundproofing materials and sound absorbing materials.

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World Listening Day

World Listening Day – Improved with Proper Acoustics

On July 18th we celebrate World Listening Day. On this day we think about how proper acoustics can help improve listening in spaces.

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Acoustic Rigid Baffles

Acoustic Rigid Baffles Improve Church Hall

or years, trustees of the Sudbury Memorial Congressional Church searched for an acoustic solution to an echo filled hall. They had a vision for the space to sound great and be lively for events and musical performances. They didn’t know where to turn, until they found DDS Acoustical Specialties who proposed the idea of Acoustic Rigid Baffles.

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