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ESG Clean Energy LLC – In Progress

In the city of Holyoke, MA there are specific noise stipulation that need to be followed for industrial buildings and equipment. ESG Clean Energy LLC contacted DDS Acoustical Specialties because they were building a new facility and needed to mitigate noise coming from their various generators as well as the ventilation system that will be keeping the units cool.

This project will be completed in three phases:

Phase 1 – Ventilation System Silencers

The silencers that we will install will keep noise generated by the units inside the enclosure as well as attenuate for the high powered fans that will be running to move air and keep the units cool.

Phase 2 – Interior Acoustic Curtain Panels

We will be installing acoustic curtain panels along the inside of the building wall. These panels along the walls will make up two sides of our acoustical enclosure.

Phase 3 – Metal Panel Enclosure

We will incorporate two metal panel walls and a ceiling that will be incorporated into the existing mezzanine. We were able to save some money on structure by using the mezzanine.

About ESG Clean Energy LLC

ESG’s goal is to build a dynamic micro-grid to help balance out and stabilize the future electricity needs of a municipal customer. They are very focused on clean and efficient ways to produce energy. Through patented technology they sequester the lien share of the carbon dioxide produced, thus shrinking the carbon footprint and reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on our climate. By utilizing those same patents, they are able to manufacture a variety of products with virtually little or no impact on the atmosphere.

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