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Fursaflyin Ceiling Baffles

Fur’s-A-Flyin, Pet Grooming & Day Care Acoustic Improvements

The Sounds of Pet Hospitality

Pet Kennels, Groomers, and Day Cares are places we take our furry family members to get pampered and stay safe. But with so many animals coming in and out, various personalities, voices, and noise emerge from them. Additionally, the equipment needed to operate these types of businesses can generate considerable noise.  

Fur’s-A-Flyin, a Pet Grooming & Day Camp in Easthampton, Massachusetts reached out to DDS Acoustical Specialties because they wanted to have a more acoustically sound environment for the staff members and their clients.

Our Solution

Fur’s-A-Flyin has three main areas in which there was high reverberation recorded and a desire to reduce noise.

Area 1: Grooming Room

The Grooming Room at Fur’s-A-Flyin consists of gypsum wall board, poured concrete ceilings, and tile flooring – all very acoustically reflective surfaces. For this space we utilized Sound Quality SR-100 ½ inch Acoustical Ceiling Baffles suspended on cables as close to the ceiling as possible.

This application greatly improved the sound quality and lowered the overall noise levels reflecting throughout the space

Area 2: Day Care

The construction material of the day care space was very similar to the grooming room. With limited wall space for treatment, the most economical approach to reach the customer’s goal was again to use Sound Quality SR-100 ½ inch Acoustical Ceiling Baffles.

Area 3: Washing Room

The Washing Room, unlike the other spaces had a suspended ceiling in place. The ceiling tiles, while not great acoustical absorbers, do have a favorable effect in the space. Reverberation here was less of an issue, however the issue with this room was the noise from blow dryers, sinks, and other equipment escaping to other parts of the facility.

For this, we acoustically sealed the doors attached to the washing room with an operable drop threshold and seals around the head and jambs.

Fursaflyin Ceiling Baffles
Area 2
Acoustic Door Jam
Area 3

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