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Mill at Crane Pond

Mill at Crane Pond

In todays ever increasing demand for Small Business Space, Collaborative Work Areas or Housing. Architects and developers continue to look to small towns, mid-size to large cities, converting, reclaiming, if you will, old mills and industrial spaces into Small Business Meccas, Work Collaboratives, Large Venue Meeting Areas or Non-Traditional style Housing with a flair. 

Those conversions always encounter areas with large exposures of hard surface finishes, gypsum board, exposed brick, exposed timber decking, exposed mechanical services and hardwood floors.  Those exposed surfaces are also the desired features the developers and architects look to enhance, yet those same features create a problem, they present myriad of acoustical issues. 

The reverb or “echo” as created in these areas can render them ineffective or unusable as meeting rooms or conference areas, use for video or teleconferencing where there is one or more “open mics” reduce the clarity and intelligibility for those on the other end of the phone line, as well as those in the room.   Add overhead downfacing loudspeakers to the mixture and the “bounce” effect off the hardwood floors or tabletops will render your phone conversation inaudible.

Recently we successfully tackled these very same issues for The Mill at Crane Pond properties, located in Westfield Massachusetts.  The space has been earmarked as an Open Work Collaborative area, with an additional Meeting and Training Room. 

We proposed and subsequently installed 2” thick, 4 ft x 4 ft White absorption panels.  These panels were arranged within the exposed white concrete beam haunches.  The acoustic panels seemingly disappeared into the space, yet the results were extremely evident, no bounce effect here! 

Additionally, we added 2” thick vibrant green 36” wide by 72” high acoustical wall panels, located strategically between window spaces on the exposed brick walls.  By addressing multiple axis’s, you receive the best acoustical performance with-sound absorbing treatments.

This approach eliminates reverberation that is sustained “back and forth” between otherwise hard parallel services.  The panels blended nicely creating a perfect blend of aesthetics and acoustical functionality.

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