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Acoustic Ceiling Tile Covers

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Covers Can Reduce Common Mechanical Noise Problems.

Traditional acoustical drop ceiling tiles are designed to reduce the echo within a space. They do so by allowing noise to pass through them, from the occupied space below, into the void above the tiles. This means that sound in pipes and ductwork and noise from equipment can also pass through them, disturbing people in rooms below. Acoustic Ceiling Tile Covers are needed to prevent this.

Whether the undesirable sound is conversation or noise from pipes, ducts and equipment, our products make a difference. The most effective ways to minimize noise from HVAC units is to reduce the noise either at its source or along the path.

Our ceiling tile covers effectively block sound transmission through ceiling tile systems. They combine a limp barrier layer with an absorber / decoupler to achieve much greater isolation than would be achieved with a layer of insulation alone.

These products serve as both a sound absorber and a barrier are are typically used when a space is unable to cover their ceiling with traditional acoustic products such as barrier or panels.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile Cover

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