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Acoustic Wall Art Panels

Bring a touch of gallery quality artwork to your space’s acoustic design. Acoustic Wall Art Panels can be customized for your brand, business, and overall aesthetic. They offer an eye-catching way to solve reverberation issues in a space.

Our art panels are designed to provide both aesthetics and functionality. Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, our panels not only look great but also absorb sound waves, making your space more pleasant and comfortable to be in.

Panel Specifications:

Acoustic Wall Art Panels are available in .5″, 1″, and 2″ thicknesses. The thicker the panel the more sound it will absorb. Maximum size of panels are 5’x10′. However, in many cases we design applications that can use a single photo spread across multiple panels. Panels are also available in 4 different edge profiles.

Common Applications for Acoustic Wall Art:

Panels can be installed in any environment where you want an extra piece of art. Art can amplify the space and impress customers, clients, and visitors. They are great additions to offices, bars/restaurants, living spaces, libraries, churches, and more.

In many cases, art panels are used in conjunction with other acoustic products. They are used as an additional accent and design element whereas more standard acoustic products would fill the space to reduce reverberation.

How Do Acoustic Wall Art Panels Work?

The method used by acoustic wall art panels to absorb sound waves is known as sound absorption. Any noise source, including speech, music, or traffic, produces sound waves. These waves produce echoes and reverberation when they strike a solid surface and bounce back. Due to the fact that sound may easily travel over big or empty spaces and generate a lot of noise, this can be particularly problematic.

These sound waves will be absorbed by our panels, which will stop them from reflecting back into the space. They achieve this by employing specialized substances with the capacity to absorb sound waves and transform them into heat. This lowers the noise level in the space and improves the comfort level.


Acoustic Wall Art Panels
Acoustic Wall Art Office
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Features of Acoustic Wall Art Panels




  • 6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass absorber core

  • 100% polyester pre-printed fabric

  • Standard thicknesses: 1/2", 1" and 2"

  • Maximum size of 5' X 10'

  • Chemically hardened edges

  • Available in 4 different edge profiles

  • Gallery Quality

  • Class A Fire Rated

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