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Noise Control and soundproofing walls and ceilings are increasingly being done with acoustic wood. Where standard wood planks and materials are highly reflective, it causes spaces to experience echo and reverberation. Our products provide a cutting-edge solution that improves sound quality and gives you several options for how it looks. This makes it a flexible and useful choice for a wide range of uses.

What is Acoustic Wood

A soundproofing material that is created from panels of specially treated wood. The ability of the panels to absorb sound waves reduces echoes and unwanted reflections, making the sound clearer and better. The wood panels cover walls and ceilings, providing a useful and attractive soundproofing solution.

Acoustic wood is a flexible material utilized in a variety of applications. It is frequently used on walls, ceilings, and within ceiling grids.

Acoustic wood is a common material choice for spaces that have or want a wooded finished. These products improve audio clarity by reducing echoes and unwanted reflections.

Acoustic Wood products come in a variety of designs and options. You can get panels for direct application on walls and ceilings or products that install easily into grid systems. They offer a traditional and long-lasting aesthetic to any space.

Veneer and Color Options

A variety of veneer options, including natural woods like oak and maple, as well as a range of hues and finishes, are offered. Because of this, you can decide whether you want a traditional or modern style for your room.

Noise Reduction of Acoustic Wood

The NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) gauges how well a material can muffle sound. Wood products generally fall within the NRC range of 0.7 to 0.9, which denotes a high amount of sound absorption. As a result, it works well to cut down on echo and enhance clarity.

Uses and Applications

Today we see all kinds of businesses make additions to their space with this product. Libraries, churches, and municipal buildings are often looking for a traditional style provided by acoustic wood. Many architects and designers for new buildings will use this product for its everlasting aesthetic.

Soundproofing walls and ceilings with acoustic wood is a practical and attractive option. It is a practical and efficient alternative for homes, studios, and other areas since it has enhanced sound quality, a variety of veneer options, and a high NRC range. It can offer the solutions you require, whether you’re looking to enhance the sound quality in your home cinema, lessen echoes in your recording studio, or just minimize noise in your office.

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