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Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels provide superior performance, offer design options, and are aesthetically pleasing. Panels come in a variety of types that suit any need and budget. Typical panels are absorbers that dramatically reduce echo and reverberation in spaces, which in turn increases speech intelligibility and comfort. For spaces such as performance halls where reflection is needed as part of the soundscape, there is also a panel for that.

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels can be installed on walls and ceilings or suspended as clouds or baffles. They may be custom cut into different shapes and sizes to add creative flair to any space. With various fabrics tested and approved, color and design options are limitless.

Panels are constructed with a rigid fiberglass board that’s wrapped in fabric. They are available in standard sizes or custom sizes up to 5′ x 10′ and thicknesses of .5″ to 4″.

Preferred Fabrics

Guilford of Maine FR701 and Anchorage are the industry standards for Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels. However, hundreds of approved decorative fabrics are also available from numerous manufacturers. Customers may also specify their own fabric to be tested to see if the material meets manufacturing requirements.

Top Fabric Manufacturers:

Custom Edge Detail

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels fit any aesthetic with custom edge details. Edges are factory cut to one of four edge options

Square Edges – The most common and economical edge option that provides sharp corners on all sides.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panel - Square Edge

Radius Edges – For those who want a rounded look on the edges of their panels

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panel - Radius Edge

Beveled Edges – For those looking for a beveled edge on their panels.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panel - Bevel Edge

Half Beveled – For those wanting a half beveled edge on their panels.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panel - Half Bevel Edge

Applications for Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Panels are used in any environment that wants to improve the sound quality in its space and reduce echoes. There is a use case and an option for every application.

Dining Room Ceiling Panels
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Meeting Room Noise
Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

Types of Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Standard Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

Standard Panels

Designed as a multi-purpose absorber panel. The most economical panel to reduce echo and reverberation.




High Impact Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

High Impact Panels

Ideal for space that need superior acoustic performance and resilience to high traffic areas. Particularly useful in areas with children or where people/customers can touch them.




Sound Barrier Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

Sound Barrier Panels

A composite panel that provides both superior absorption and noise blocking performance. Useful when needing additional sound transmission loss between rooms or areas. Barrier panels are often installed over entire wall surfaces in order to create an extra layer of sound barrier between spaces.




Reflective Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

Reflective Panels

A panel used in applications where sound reflection is necessary to enhance a room’s acoustics. Such as in performance spaces and theaters.




Tackable Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

Tackable Wall Panels

An easy to install tackable wall panel that offers minimal sound absorption. Useful in offices, classrooms, and other educational facilities.




Tuned Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel

Tuned Absorber Panels

Panels that blend sound absorption and sound diffusion. A prime choice for schools, auditoriums, studios, and performance halls.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel Features

  • Thicknesses .5" - 4"

  • Custom Shapes and Sizes

  • Fire Tested Class A per ASTM E-84

  • NRC Value up to 1.15

  • Multiple Edge Options

  • Acoustic solution for various applications


Frequently Asked Questions

Do fabric wrapped acoustical panels work?

Yes! If you have a space that has lots of hard, reflective surfaces, you are likely experiencing a lot of echo and reverberation. By adding fabric wrapped acoustic panels you can cut down on that reverberation and make a more comfortable space.

How many acoustic panels do I need?

It all depends on the type of space you have, the overall room volume, and the existing construction materials. We take this information to run a reverberation calculation which tells us how much absorption is needed to get to a desired reverb time.

Desired reverb times can vary. A recording studio would probably want a .5-.8sec reverberation vs. a church sanctuary might want something closer to 1.5-2sec.

For general use spaces a good rule of thumb is to try and get close to a 1sec reverb time.

Contact us for assistance!

How do you install fabric wrapped panels?

Installation for panels is fairly simple. Always consider the applications permanence when considering installation.

For more permanent installations you can use hardware such as stick pins, impaling clips, or rotofast snap on anchors. These in combination with an industrial construction adhesive create a strong bond between the panel and surfaces.

For something that is more easily removed, using a Z-clip is the next best option so that you are more so hanging the panel rather than adhering.

Panels can also be suspended from ceilings using cables or chains with hooks factory installed on the backs of the panels.

Does the type of fabric matter?

We always recommended using a factory approved approved. There are a lot available so feel free to ask us if there is something particular you are looking to use.

What are fabric wrapped panels made of?

Our fabric wrapped panels are made of compressed fiberglass board as the core material. Some companies wrap foam with fabric but fiberglass is more economical.

Can I used an acoustic panel as a bulletin or tack board?

Yes! We can provide panels with a tack-able membrane installed prior to wrapping that does not impact performance. Keep in mind that you would not want to cover an acoustic panel with hard surfaces.

Can you print a custom image on a panel?

Yes! Our Art Panels are acoustic panels that use a custom printed fabric as the facing. Customers can provide their own artwork or stock photography for the fabric. It is a great option for company branding, showcasing projects, and overall design aesthetic.

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