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Acoustic Soundproofing Installations

DDS Acoustical Specialties offers acoustic soundproofing installations and services in the New England, New York, New Jersey, and east Pennsylvania areas for our available range of products. We can help anyone in the Northeast US solve any type of noise problem.

Products for soundproofing installations include

Acoustic Panels, Sound Barriers, Noise Barrier Composite Panels, Acoustic Enclosures, Industrial Sound Baffles, Architectural Acoustic Ceiling Baffles, Acoustic Doors, Acoustic Windows, Metal Barrier Walls, Acoustical Curtain Panel Walls, Acoustic Foam, Soundproofing Blankets, and Acoustical Floor Underlayments.

Proper application of noise control products inside an industrial or commercial workspace often results in improved worker productivity and safer working conditions when overall noise levels are reduced or a particularly loud noise source is surrounded with a noise control enclosure. In nearby residential areas, the reduction of the noise levels emitted from a factory reduce noise pollution and associated levels of stress.

Our products are designed for a variety of applications

Industrial and manufacturing applications benefit from reducing mechanical noise both inside of a workplace where occupational noise can compromise the health and safety of an employee, and outside where it can affect nearby residential areas.

With our architectural acoustic soundproofing installations, public and commercial spaces such as schools, churches, offices, restaurants, performance spaces, and sporting arenas can see a reduction in noise pollution to foster a more comfortable ambient sound environment.

Our construction and HVAC applications can help reduce noise pollution that occurs in building and during road construction as well as equipment installations such as HVAC and factory equipment. Not only can our acoustic solutions reduce unwanted noise coming from within the construction site, such as from earth-moving construction equipment, but they can also reduce outside noise from affecting the workers, such as from the weather and environment.

We also offer custom turnkey solutions designed specifically for individual applications. These are designed from the start to solve a noise problem and fit a desired space. Our materials are of sufficient STC (sound transmission classification), which eliminates or minimizes leaks and gaps where noise can escape. Our installations also work in conjunction with operations and maintenance so that they don’t impede productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide before and after sound tests?

If requested, we can provide before and after sound readings. However, proper sound readings should typically be taken at various points during a business day. This can take a lot of time and add to the cost of an overall project.

Our goal when we make a proposal is to ensure we have enough product and an appropriate application so that when a customer re-enters their space they say “Wow” and really notice a difference.

Do you install at residential locations like my home?

In some instances we can provide services for residential applications. For more information look at our residential soundproofing page. 

How far will you travel for installation?

We will travel throughout the Northeast US to provide installation services for your acoustic products.

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Rest assured that we have not only a solution, but the right solution, to resolve your acoustical or noise concerns. Request a quote with the button below or contact us for more information about our soundproofing services at 413-248-8118.

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