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World Listening Day

World Listening Day – Improved with Proper Acoustics

On July 18th we celebrate World Listening Day. On this day we focus on listening and understanding over simply hearing. It is a day where we quiet down, open our ears, and pay attention to everything happening around us.

But sometimes listening can be a challenge. Spaces with hard, reflective surfaces cause echo and reverberation. And certain workplaces have loud machines or lack privacy. Thankfully, proper acoustics is always obtainable. Whether it’s listening in a classroom, at a restaurant, or at work, we can all take a moment to recognize World Listening Day.

Classroom Listening

Classrooms and their students may have one of the biggest benefits of improved acoustics. Students, when in school spend about 75% of their day listening to teachers and peers. However, listening can be hindered by things like exterior noise or echo. That’s why it is so important for classrooms to introduce acoustical absorption in their space.

To do this, we offer a variety of options. First, acoustic wall and ceiling panels. These panels can be fabric wrapped, foam, or felt and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We aim to apply these products equally through a space to provide the highest sound absorption and reduce echo.

Another option is acoustic ceiling tiles and ceiling tile covers. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, much like your standard ceiling tiles, fit directly into existing grid systems. However, they have increased acoustical absorption properties. So if you’re already planning to replace those old, stained, tiles make is acoustical! And if you want to save some money we offer acoustic ceiling tiles covers which are installed directly above existing standard ceiling tiles but provides additional acoustic absorption and sound transmission loss.

Restaurant Listening

Every been to a restaurant expecting to have an intimate conversation with your dining partner only to have it ruined by noise? Whether it is music, a band, or crowd noise, you shouldn’t need to yell across the table to have a conversation. Some restaurant owners recognize this and take proper measures to improve the acoustics in a space. They know that a space with proper acoustics increases the time customers spend, which increases how much they buy.

Similar to classrooms, restaurants can benefit from acoustical wall and ceiling panels and tiles. Depending on the aesthetic they may also be able to incorporate either rigid or semi-rigid ceiling baffles.

Listening in the Workplace

Listening at work is almost as important as listening in the classroom. Every day at work we listen to the needs of our customers and information shared by teammates and colleagues. That can be hard if you have obstructions like noisy machines or lack of privacy.

For noisy machine we provide acoustical enclosures, curtains, and various noise barriers. Implementation of any of these applications can help improve listening and protect hearing.

If you’ve ever worked in an office and all you keep hearing your noisy office neighbor, their is an issue with sound transmission loss. We offer products that increase the STC of walls and ceiling in order to increase the sound transmission loss. This helps us listen more when on calls and video conferences.

Absorption and Transmission During World Listening Day

For World Listening Day there are a number of way to improve acoustics. We do so by adding products that provide additional absorption and sound transmission loss. We only covered a few application but there are so many more.

If you or your business is looking to improve how listening happens in your space, contact us for a free consultation.

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